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What is a Duct Flex Connector?

A Duct flex connector is a special connector used to lower vibration and noise from fans or blowers in air duct systems.  This type of connector comes in various shapes and sizes, and can be manufactured from a number of materials. Flexible duct connectors are used indoors or outdoors, and in systems that use moderate temperatures. The connector fabric also needs to adhere to strict safety standards.

A Flexible connector can be used in heating, cooling or ventilating air systems, and helps to get rid of some of the noise and vibration from the fan or blower. If the fan or blower is fairly noisy, the vibrations could transmit throughout the entire air system, but a duct flex connector helps absorb some of the vibration and to lower the noise levels. It may also compensate for slight misalignment because of the constant vibration.

Sizes and shapes

Flexible duct connectors can come in an astounding number of designs and shapes.  The most common designs are round, square, and rectangular. Some manufacturers may even design or build connectors to customer specifications. What makes this type of duct connector so versatile is the fact that it consists of fabric instead of a rigid metal construction.  This not only makes it easier to work with, but easier to install as well.


A Duct flex connector can be manufactured from a number of materials, or a combination of materials, depending on its intended use.  The most important thing is that the materials used will be able to withstand the temperatures the connector is used at, as well as any temperature fluctuations. The preferred material appears to be neoprene, but many other materials can be used.  These connections are usually made up of a base fabric and a coating, and the base fabric could include materials such as polyester, woven fiberglass, woven nylon and polyester blends. The coating could be neoprene, vinyl, or proprietary alloy.

Duct flex connector manufacturers may also use a combination of materials to ensure that the connectors are environmentally friendly, because of their use of recycled materials.  The connections may also be manufactured with materials that make them resistant to mildew. This can be an important feature to prevent the spread of mildew through an air duct system.

Indoor and outdoor use

These connectors are generally found in indoor air duct systems, but may also be used outdoors if the construction of the connector allows for it.  It's best to check with the manufacturer before installing any duct flex connector, to ensure that the product is suited for its intended environment.

The connector needs to be able to withstand temperatures that range anywhere from -40F to 260F.  The materials used to manufacture the fabric should enable it to be self extinguishing, and if the fabric burns, it should not give off any harmful gasses.

A Duct flex connector is an affordable, safe, and easy-to-install alternative to other connectors, and may be more durable as well.  The fabrics used in these connectors may also make them corrosion resistant, which could prolong their life considerably.  Whenever an individual is in doubt of which connector to use, an expert should be consulted to ensure the right product is chosen.